Jio Sim :- Jio Prepaid & Post Paid Plans Jio 4G Plans & Offers

Jio Sim  Plans : Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, doing business as Jio, Which is and LTE mobile network operators available in India. Jio Sims are available in order to make the uses and get rid of some additional charges. Jio sim facilities the user in using 4G network, free calling International wide send free SMS services. The 4G service for jio Sims are available recently and it has reached every corner of the earth. All the people are very much interested in using jio sim due to its extraordinary features and free services that provide for its customers. But before you would like to buy jio sim you should know all the key benefits about the SIM.

Jio is a 4G service: jio SIM plans are excellent and are completely available with 4G network supported. The SIM will only work in 4G mobiles and it does not support if you have old versions like 3G or 2G. To make calls jio uses volte network: this is absolutely free of making calls and the calls are also made using data connection. So this will not be a problem for jio to jio calls. But in case of jio to any other GSM SIM cards that is Airtel or Vodafone numbers then you have to install an application called as jio join. Because of this application the calls will use International connection infrastructure which is currently working as a Telecom operator.

Getting jio Sim: If in case you want a jio sim when you are in Delhi or Mumbai then you need to go to the jio store with Aadhar card. So this will be a very simple process in order to get SIM card to you.In other parts of the country, the same process will be rolled out in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

The Jio SIM Cards are FreeHow to Activate Jio Sim

Jio SIM cards are available from September 2016 onwards. So from that day too many people are very much interested in buying the SIM cards due to the free services offered by it.

After the billing process is done through online then you will receive a receipt on your mentioned email ID. Then you will find sim receipt send to the mail. Within few hours the formalities will be done and you will get a SIM card which will ask you to tele verify your details.

Here you will find the steps in order to activate your Reliance jio Sim.

  1. To receive the jio sim then you need to have Aadhar Card and to passport size photos.
  2. You should also provide an email id when you buy the jio sim because all the details will be sent to the mail.
  3. The activation process will be completed through online so for this you need to visit jio store and then need to provide some details after that your sim card will be verified.
  4. You will get any email ID from the jio SIM service you need to follow the steps provided there in order to complete the activation process.
  5. Then the receipt of the bill will be able to your email address and you will also receive the SMS on your registered mobile number.
  6. Faithfully you will be completed with the verification process and then you need to verify the ownership.
  7. Now you should call the toll free number 1977 which is reliance jio customer care number. And the customer care employee will ask you about the details in the receipt so you should keep the receipt and then make a call to the Reliance jio customer number.
  8. You should also submit last four digits of your Aadhaar card for a Reliance jio SIM activation process to be completed successfully.

Jio Sim - Jio Prepaid & Post Paid Plans Jio 4G Plans & Offers

Jio Sim Offers :- Jio Prepaid Plans | Jio Post Paid Plans | Jio 4G Plans & Offers

All the Jio SIM offers are clearly given here,

1. Reliance Jio Data Tariff Pack, Calling Pack Offer

  • Free Unlimited 4G LTE Data
  • Free Calling + SMS Packs + No Roaming Charges
  • Supercharged LTE Download & Upload

Reliance Jio 4G Tariff Plans /Calling/SMS Packs

Tarrif Plan Name Usage Benefits Recharge Value Jionet (Hotspot) Max Validity
JIORC19 100MB + ULN 4G Rs.19 200MB 1 Day
JIORC129 750MB + ULN 4G Rs.129 1.5GB 7 Days
JIORC149 300MB + ULN 4G Rs.149 700MB 28 Days
JIORC299 2GB + ULN 4G Rs.299 4GB 21 Days
JIORC499 4GB + ULN 4G Rs.499 8GB 28 Days
JIORC999 10GB + ULN 4G Rs.999 20GB 28 Days
JIORC1499 20GB + ULN 4G Rs.1499 40GB 28 Days
JIORC2499 35GB + ULN 4G Rs.2499 70GB 28 Days
JIORC3999 60GB + ULN 4G Rs.3999 120GB 28 Days
JIORC4999 75GB + ULN 4G Rs.4999 150GB 28 Days

Including 100 SMS With JIORC149 Plan & Unlimited SMS With Other Plans

*ULN = Unlimited Night Bundle Data (11PM to 6AM)

Jio Prepaid Plans

Plan Type Base Price Tariff Details
Calling Rate 2 P per pulse
Text SMS Rs.1 per SMS ( local & national )
International SMS Rs.5 per SMS ( international )
Data / Internet 0.5 P per 10KB of usage
Video Calling 5 P per pulse
Roaming Incoming Calls 45 P per second on national roaming
Roaming Outgoing Calls 1.15 P per second on national roaming
Roaming Local SMS 25 P / SMS per SMS on national roaming
Roaming National SMS 38 P / SMS per SMS on national roaming

Jio Postpaid Plans

Plan Type 4G Data Usage Free Voice/SMS
JIORC149 300MB + ULN Yes/100SMS
JIORC499 4GB + ULN Yes
JIORC999 10GB + ULN Yes
JIORC1499 20GB + ULN Yes
JIORC2499 35GB + ULN Yes
JIORC3999 60GB + ULN Yes
JIORC4999 75GB + ULN Yes

Note= ULN means Unlimited Night Data Usage

Reliance Jio Broadband Plans

Tariff Price Bundle Data/Speed App Usage Validity
Rs.400 Unlimited @N/A NIL 1 Day
Rs.500 600GB @15 Mbps NIL 30 Days
Rs.500 3.5GB/ Day @N/A NIL 30 Days
Rs.500 N/A @60 Mbps NIL 30 Days
Rs.800 Unlimited @10 Mbps NIL 30 Days
Rs.1000 500 GB @25 Mbps NIL 30 Days
NIL 300 GB @600 Mbps Rs. 5500 30 Days
NIL 500 GB @400 Mbps Rs. 4000 30 Days
NIL 750 GB @200 Mbps Rs. 3500 30 Days
NIL 1000 GB @100 Mbps Rs. 2000 30 Days
NIL 2000 GB @50 Mbps Rs. 1500 30 Days
NIL 5 GB Rs. 1000 30 Days
NIL 10 GB Rs. 2000 30 Days
NIL 20 GB Rs. 3000 30 Days
NIL 40 GB Rs. 4000 30 Days
NIL 60 GB Rs. 5000 30 Days

Jio SIM for iPhone Mobile

Offer Name Benefits
Free Voice For 1 year
4G Data 20 GB + UL Night
JioNet Wifi 40 GB
SMS Unlimited
ISD minutes 30 mins
Jio Apps Worth rs.1500
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