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LYF which is, also known as Reliance LYF, is an Indian mobile handset company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.  It manufactures 4G-enabled VoLTE smartphones.Which is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail one of the customer of Electronics arm of Reliance industry limited? These phones were launched in 2016, and now these phones are available with free Reliance jio Sim. In the Lyf mobile phones, you can find the preloaded applications like my jio, jio Express news, jio chat, jio net Hotspot and others. This phone comes with a 5.5-inch touchscreen display, and it has a resolution of 720 pixel by 1280 pixel at a PPI of 267 pixel per inch. Lyf phones come in four variants- Flame, Wind, Water and Earth which are available in the Lyf mobile price range of Rs. 5,490 to Rs. 19,900.

Product Features:

  • Android v5.1.1 (Lollipop) Operating System
  • 1.1 GHz, Quad Core Processor
  • 1280 x 720 Pixels, HD, 5 Inch display
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Dual Lyf mobile with jio SIM

Lyf Mobile Book LYF 4G Mobile Online Buy LVF 1000 Mobile

LVF 4G Mobile Phone & Lyf Mobiles Full Specifications With Price Online

SNO Name of Mobile  Price Specifications
1. Lyf Earth 2 Rs.18,961 Display5.00-inch,Processorocta-core,Front Camera13-megapixel,Resolution1080x1920 pixels,RAM3GBOSAndroid 5.1.1,Storage32GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2500mAh
2. Lyf Water 2 Rs.15,499 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.5GHz octa-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GBOS,Android 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera13-megapixe,lBattery Capacity2400mAh
3. Lyf Earth 1 Rs.14,999 Screen size (inches)          5.50,Touchscreen          Yes,Resolution          1080×1920 pixels,Pixels per inch (PPI)     401,Processor          1.5GHz octa-core,Processor make Qualcomm Snapdragon 615RAM   3GB
4. Lyf Water 7 Rs.9,999 Display5.50-inch,Processor1.5GHz octa-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution1080x1920 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity3000mAh
5. Lyf F1 Plus Rs.9,996 Display5.50-inch,Processor1.6GHz octa-core,Front Camera8-megapixel,Resolution1080x1920 pixels,RAM3GBOSAndroid 6.0,Storage32GB,Rear Camera16-megapixel,Battery Capacity3200mAh
6. Lyf F1 Rs.9,734 Screen size (inches)          5.50,Touchscreen          Yes,Resolution          1080×1920 pixels,Pixels per inch (PPI)     400,Processor          1.21GHz octa-core,Processor make    Qualcomm Snapdragon 617,RAM          3GB,Internal storage          32GB
7. Lyf Water 6 Rs.9,398 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.2GHz,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1.1,Storage32GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2920mAh
8. Lyf Wind 2 Rs.8,888 Display6.00-inch,Processor1GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2850mAh
9. Lyf Water 8 Rs.8,284 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.5GHz octa-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM3GB,OSAndroid 5.1.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2600mAh
10. Lyf Water 4 Rs.8,260 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.2GHz,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1.1,Storage16GBRear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2920mAh
11. Lyf Water 9 Rs.7,789 Display5.50-inch,Processor1.3GHz octa-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution1080x1920 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2800mAh
12. Lyf Water 5 Rs.7,599 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.2GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2920mAh
13. Lyf Water 11 Rs.7,249 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.3GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM3GB,OSAndroid 6.0Storage16GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2100mAh
14. Lyf Water 10 Rs.7,138 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.3GHz octa-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM3GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GBRear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2300mAh
15. Lyf Water 1 Rs.7,040 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.5GHz octa-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution1080x1920 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity2600mAh
16. Lyf Wind 4 Rs.6,784 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.1GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage8GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity4000mAh
17. Lyf Water 3 Rs.6,599 Display5.50-inch,Processor1.5GHz octa-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.0Storage16GB,Rear Camera13-megapixel,Battery Capacity3000mAh
18. Lyf Wind 3 Rs.6,499 Display5.50-inch,Processor1.2GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1Storage16GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2920mAh
19. Lyf Wind 1 Rs.6,499 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.2GHz quad-coreFront Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2300mAh
20. Lyf Wind 4S Rs.6,259 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.3GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution720x1820 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity4000mAh
21. Lyf Wind 7S Rs.5,999 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.3GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixe,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GBOSAndroid 6.0,Storage16GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2250mAh
22. Lyf Flame 1 Rs.5,800 Display4.50-inch,Processor1.1GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution480x854 pixels,RAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage8GBRear Camera5-megapixel,Battery Capacity2000mAh
23. Lyf Wind 5 Rs.5,699 Display5.00-inch,Processor1GHz quad-coreFront Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage8GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2000mAh
24. Lyf Wind 7 Rs.5,549 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.3GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixels,RAM2GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage16GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2250mAh
25. Lyf Wind 6 Rs.5,349 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.1GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution480x854 pixels,RAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage8GB,Rear Camera5-megapixel,Battery Capacity2250mAh
26. Lyf F8 Rs.5,140 Display4.50-inchProcessor1.3GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution480x854 pixels,RAM1GB,OSAndroid 6.0.1Storage8GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2000mAh
27. Lyf Wind 7i Rs.5,000 Display5.00-inch,Processor1.3GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution720x1280 pixelsRAM1GB,OSAndroid 6.0,Storage8GBRear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2250mAh
28. Lyf Flame 5 Rs.4,999 Display4.00-inch,Processor1.5GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution480x800 pixels,RAM512MB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage4GBRear Camera5-megapixel,Battery Capacity1650mAh
29. Lyf Flame 8 Rs.4,875 Display4.50-inch,Processor1.1GHz quad-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution480x854 pixels,RAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage8GB,Rear Camera8-megapixel,Battery Capacity2000mAh
30. Lyf Flame 6 Rs.4,299 Display4.00-inchProcessor1.5GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution480x800 pixels,RAM512MB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage4GBRear Camera2-megapixel,Battery Capacity1750mAh
31. Lyf Flame 7s Rs.4,069 Display4.00-inch,Processor1.5GHz quad-core,Front Camera0.3-megapixel,Resolution480x800 pixelsRAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage8GB,Rear Camera5-megapixel,Battery Capacity1800mAh
32. Lyf Flame 3 Rs.3,999 Display4.00-inch,Processor1.5GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution480x800 pixels,RAM512MB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage4GB,Rear Camera5-megapixel,Battery Capacity1700mAh
33. Lyf Flame 2 Rs.3,665 Display4.00-inch,Processor1GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution480x800 pixelsRAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage8GB,Rear Camera5-megapixel,Battery Capacity1500mAh
34. Lyf Flame 7 Rs.3,499 Display4.00-inch,Processor1.5GHz quad-core,Front Camera2-megapixel,Resolution480x800 pixels,RAM1GB,OSAndroid 5.1,Storage8GB,Rear Camera5-megapixel,Battery Capacity1750mAh
35. Lyf F1S Display5.20-inch,Processor1.4GHz octa-core,Front Camera5-megapixel,Resolution1080x1920 pixels,RAM3GB,OSAndroid 6.0,Storage32GB,Rear Camera16-megapixel,Battery Capacity3000mAh
36. Lyf Flame 4 Display4.00-inch,Processor1.5GHz quad-core,Front Camera0.3-megapixel,Resolution480x800 pixels,RAM512MB,OSAndroid 5.1Storage8GB,Rear Camera2-megapixel,Battery Capacity1400mAh

One Year Jio Lyf Unlimited Internet:

All the 4G mobiles with the VoLTE supportare now officially eligible for this Jio preview offer.Most of the Reliance Digital and DX stores are providing jio offers for the jio mobiles. Lyf is the brand which is started selling its Lyf mobile phones since 2016 and now it is ranked to be the fifth largest Smartphone seller all over the world. And the main reason is jio preview offers for choosing Lyf mobile devices. Now the company is coming with an extraordinary offer in which you can enjoy 1 year jio unlimited Internet with the Lyf mobile device. Once if this offer is made official then the company will see huge increase in the sales of Lyf smartphones along with the improvement of 4G uses and subscribers. Recently the company has launched so many Lyf products but it is the latest smartphone which is Lyf water 10 and it is price it to be rupees 8500.

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