Reliance Jio Mobile Price

Jio Mobile Price : Reliance company debutedReliance Jio’s commercial with a range of Android devices best smartphones that are very much available for all the people at low cost. Rely on new mobiles has become one of the brands which is the top 5 smartphones available in India. Basically, the Lyf mobiles are introduced into 4 series flame, the wind, water, and earth. The range of the mobile is at a starting price of Rs 2999, and it has all key highlights available at this range. Lyf also sent the jioFi portable Mobile hotspot device which is powered by the Lyf mobile. Jio Mobile is good for jio sim card users to make free calls all over India.Probably due to the upcoming jio Smartphones and its features it will become the first ever smartphone with low cost to all the users.

Jio Mobile Highlights

  • Unmatched 4G network with the lowest data rates globally
  • LYF devices are starting Rs. 2,999/-
  • Convert your existing 2G/3G Smartphone into a True 4G Smartphone with a JioFi worth Rs. 1,999/-
  • Complimentary Jio Apps worth Rs. 15,000/-
  • Instant Aadhaar card based activations
  • Free voice calls
  • No complex telecom charges
  • Jio simple 4G Tariff Plans
  • Special discounts for students
  • Enterprise-friendly solutions and plans
  • Jio Platinum Customer Service – the first of its kind

Reliance Jio Mobile Price

Lyf Reliance Jio Mobile Price

SNO Name of Mobile  Price
1. Lyf Earth 2 Rs.18,961
2. Lyf Water 2 Rs.15,499
3. Lyf Earth 1 Rs.14,999
4. Lyf Water 7 Rs.9,999
5. Lyf F1 Plus Rs.9,996
6. Lyf F1 Rs.9,734
7. Lyf Water 6 Rs.9,398
8. Lyf Wind 2 Rs.8,888
9. Lyf Water 8 Rs.8,284
10. Lyf Water 4 Rs.8,260
11. Lyf Water 9 Rs.7,789
12. Lyf Water 5 Rs.7,599
13. Lyf Water 11 Rs.7,249
14. Lyf Water 10 Rs.7,138
15. Lyf Water 1 Rs.7,040
16. Lyf Wind 4 Rs.6,784
17. Lyf Water 3 Rs.6,599
18. Lyf Wind 3 Rs.6,499
19. Lyf Wind 1 Rs.6,499
20. Lyf Wind 4S Rs.6,259
21. Lyf Wind 7S Rs.5,999
22. Lyf Flame 1 Rs.5,800
23. Lyf Wind 5 Rs.5,699
24. Lyf Wind 7 Rs.5,549
25. Lyf Wind 6 Rs.5,349
26. Lyf F8 Rs.5,140
27. Lyf Wind 7i Rs.5,000
28. Lyf Flame 5 Rs.4,999
29. Lyf Flame 8 Rs.4,875
30. Lyf Flame 6 Rs.4,299
31. Lyf Flame 7s Rs.4,069
32. Lyf Flame 3 Rs.3,999
33. Lyf Flame 2 Rs.3,665
34. Lyf Flame 7 Rs.3,499

Reliance Jio 4G

Reliance jio Lyf mobile is available with the brand name of Lyf. These devices are growing popular since two months because of the unlimited offers available for the Reliance jio mobiles through the jio Sims. The Reliance 4G mobiles are having excellent features such as it comes with us manufacturing warranty along with the mobile phone. Warranty is applicable for battery and accessories for 6 months. About all, you can enjoy it fast and free data usage for 3 months. The only way to buy jio SIM in present tense used to have a Reliance lyf smartphone. To buy the smartphones, you can go to the Reliance details, or you can also buy them through online.

These are the best 4G mobiles available at low cost. The features of the mobile are also very extraordinary, and it has a dual sim slot. The services and the smartphone of jio have become very famous within few days. It has spread all over the world with its latest features and new involvement of jio smartphones.Jio is looking for a partner with an Indian device maker such as Lava in some other China phones to expand its services.Reliance Jio is on the fifth position in the Indian smartphone market with a total of 7 per cent, which means an approximate 20 per cent growth over previous quarters.

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